Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is 2 of 6. I have competed the witch from sleeping beauty and this wizard's robe. Tomorrow I'll make his matching hat.

Then I will make a strawberry, raven, and shark. Lastly, Andrew's. He's going to be a fuzzy orange monster.

6 total. Last year it was 7, but Avery (Andrew's younger cousin) agreed that a skunk is a rockin Halloween costume (which is what Andrew was last year). So, one will be recycled.

Hopefully I will have them in the mail at the beginning-ish of October. In case of last minute costume parties...you know how spontaneous children are. And also, I like getting them out early because there is an enormous sigh of relief on mail-the-costumes day. Almost more so than on mail-the-Christmas day. And it might be that satisfied sigh that compels me to take on the Making of Costumes. Though, honestly, I mean, who are we kidding? It really is for the compliments.

My brother has told me that the arrival of the Halloween box is similar to the arrival of Christmas boxes. And he always calls when it gets there so I can hear the wild squeals of joy and sheer mayhem that I have caused. I think it might be my redeeming factor as an aunt. I mean, I don't really buy them gifts. It's books, books, books for birthdays and Christmas. I don't see them much either. Especially the ones a ba-zillion miles away. But I do step up for Halloween. Fire up my machine and crank out spooky and not so spooky disguises.

At least until they decide that homemade costumes border on dorky and they would be cooler dressed in costumes from the mall.

But let's not tell them yet. K?


Tara Whalen said...

We can't wait to open our box! A little strawberry, shark and skunk. An "S" kind of Halloween I guess.

Thank you in advance! You totally rock.

Robyn said...

Awesome! I started Baileys' today. It will be so fun!

carolyn said...

how do you find time to make all these beautiful things? it is amazing.

can you teach me how to sew (i have my own machine) and speak to me in spanish and share all your recipes with me? i want to quit teaching and do all these fun things instead. (i teach 6th grade math...and i don't really want to quit b/c i love my kids...but if i could find the time for other things...)