Sunday, September 16, 2007


a weekend of the unexpected

1. Saturday: Andrew jumped in a bouncy castle at a nearby block party. A block party is when a city block decides to have a party, asks the cops to block off their street from traffic and the neighborhood comes to jump in the bouncy castles.

2. Sunday: I had to call the people delivering a piece of furniture we recently bought to tell them not to deliver today. They would not be able to get to my building because of a small parade.

3. Also Sunday: We went to a farm in Queens for their "County Fair". Andrew fed sheep, climbed on hay bails, ate roasted corn and drooled over award winning produce. Who knew New York could harvest award winning produce?

4. Andrew went to bed at 5:30 tonight. Absolutely exhausted from his jam packed weekend. I am just hoping that this does not mean a 5:30 wake up tomorrow morning.

Any surprises in your neighborhood this weekend?


Tara said...

such a great picture.

Seeking La Loba said...

I have another surprise for you. There are a dozen eggs in the back seat of your car. :) Oops.