Friday, October 12, 2007

the following images may frighten

Today I finished. I finished number 7 of 7. The Great Costume Project of 2007 has been completed. Now to reap the benefits.

I wanted to make something up for Andrew this year. Something a little abstract. Like an alien, or a monster. Looking for inspiration, I found this.

Meet Beasley. Beasley was a gift from our friend Livia,(and named after her...her last name is Beasley). I absolutely love him and honestly, sometimes find it hard to share him with Andrew.

What better monster to use as my monster model?

The trouble is that Beasley is mostly head. And Andrew is not mostly head. Andrew is correctly proportioned. So I had to make some creative adjustments.

Andrew is not feeling well, so Bear agreed to model the hood and feet of the costume. The body is more of that fuzzy orange fabric with a big blue belly. You'll have to imagine it, or better yet check back in around Halloween for pics of the real deal.

New friends.

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