Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I Married Him

Last night I was awakened by the deafening sound of a mouse (let's hope it really was a mouse and not a rat) gnawing away at some wood in our building somewhere. In my middle of the night stupor, I couldn't tell if the mouse was at the end of the bed eating pieces of our furniture or somewhere in the in-between spaces in our building. In the walls somewhere.

Me: Did you hear that mouse last night?
Dave: Yup.
Me: I think he was making himself an addition.
Dave: Yeah, I saw his building permit up a few days ago.
Me: Oh? Where did you see that?
Dave: Outside his front door.
Me: Who gave him the building permit?
Dave: The department of Mouse Housing.

I married him for this. A lifetime of silly conversations.

And believe me, he definitely has an endless supply.
I love it.

I think actually getting rid of the mice but be a little much to ask for.
But jokes about them?
His specialty.

Apple Spice Cupcakes about to receive the frosting of a lifetime.


Seeking La Loba said...

That picture of the apples reminds me of a moment I had on the train when I was still teaching. One of those men who collect money and food to give to the homeless walked into my car and gave his spiel. I hadn't eaten my apple from lunch, and so when he walked through the car say, "please give anything, any food, any money," I reached into my bag and gave him my apple. It came from the farmer's market and had a leaf stuck to the stem. When I handed him the apple, he stopped and looked at that leaf and said, "wow, that's a real apple."

Susan said...

From Google Reader, those apples look like radishes. I was thinking, "Please don't tell me that this amazing frosting is going to include radishes!" Phew. They are just real apples. Death to me, of course. But I hope you like them.