Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guilty Pleasures.

a partial list:

1. Rachel Ray's recipes: They are easy. They are not that great. But they take no time and unfortunately, I have to admit I've learned good tricks from her.
2. Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey: no explanation needed.
3. jeans: When I stopped working in schools and started working at home, I vowed that I would only wear jeans one day a week. I break this rule a lot.
4. magazines: I love magazines. I love them. I love that I can sit and look at an article while Andrew plays. Not too involved, just enough. I subscribe to 2, but always want to add more. But, then, after I read them, I don't know where to put them.
5. hot chocolate: sometimes I have organic fair trade on hand, and once a friend gave me a container of Jacques Torres hot chocolate, but mostly cheap-o Nestle works just fine.

Blogger Challenge: Make a list of guilty pleasures on your blog and put a link to it in the comment's section. Then, maybe endulge in one today. I plan on a mug of hot chocolate later, and you?


Tara Whalen said...

I took a challenge from yesterday's posting instead and decided to find one thing to cut back on.... instead of purchasing more ziplock sandwich and snack bags, I bought some reuseable containers today. Hopefully containers will find their way back to me on a regular basis. =)

Robyn said...

Cool, Tara! Dave never seems to bring them home...let me if you get a good system working!

Firefly said...

The thing is, my guilty pleasures make me feel guilty. I'm not sure I want to broadcast them, especially after reading yours. I didn't even know about the guilt option for wearing jeans. I actually went home and put on a pair before a meeting I had yesterday. I was feeling pretty cute in them all day, too. Now you're telling me that's a guilty pleasure? Oh man . . . please tell me that's an east coast thing.

Laura said...

Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby.

Anonymous said...

Here's my list....

Like firefly, I had no idea that jeans could make you feel guilty. I refuse to feel guilty over them, or else I'd be all guilt every evening.