Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tips for a Productive day

1. Wear little white socks. You will start to think you have ballerina feet and move around gracefully and quickly.
2. Have your toddler lick the spoons and beaters used for baking to keep him from causing trouble.
3. As you bake do the dishes after use. Measure the 3 cups of flour, wash the measuring cup and throw it in the drying rack. I don't know if this ends up saving time, or taking more time, but it sure is nice to not have to face a pile of dirty dishes after baking all morning. Sometimes it's all about the mental game.
4. Have your toddler nap for around 3 hours in the afternoon. Use that time for working, blogging and cleaning the apartment.
5. Invite an incredibly positive, complimentary friend over in the evening to stamp. Your cards come out better when there is a positive, complimentary person nearby.
6. Wear nice jeans.

These all worked wonders for me yesterday. I baked up a storm, worked, cleaned my apartment and made some Christmas cards. Today I have talked on the phone, watched parts of the Muppets Take Manhattan and can't seem to get going. I have a lame, non-motivating to-do list for today.

I guess we can't always be at our best.

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thedanceofthegates said...

It's interesting to me which blogs people decide to comment on. It tends to be all or nothing. Apparently we're jealous of this productive day you were able to have. ;)