Monday, December 17, 2007

Catch Up and Prepare

Today is one of these days. One of these days with the weird to-do list. But I like these kinds of to-do lists. The kind that has a lot of little things. No major projects. Just finish up this and prepare that. It feels like I am hanging in the middle of catching up from last week and preparing for tomorrow. Today is a helper day for the other days around it.

My to-do list today:
1. Work: get 7 vocabulary activities written (done)
2. Print: print out the photos from last week's daily entries for my December Daily Scrapbook. I fell behind with this project because of our son-computer disaster. (done)
3. Print more: print out the photos for the project I am bringing with me to D.C. tomorrow. (done)
4. Pack: for trip to D.C. Andrew and I are off to visit our friends and team up for last minute Christmas crafts. It's not too late yet for holiday crafting! (not done)
5. Order: I need to order the groceries that I will need when we get back. This is the beauty of our grocery system. I can place the order for the food for our holiday meals today and ask that it be delivered Friday. This way I am not coming home to a house with no food. Well, I will, but the food will be fast on its way. And I get all that meal planning done ahead of time. (not done)
6. Laundry: love it! (maybe half way done?)

And maybe, just maybe, I can head out for a bit to get Dave some stocking stuffers. His stocking is hard to stuff. What do you put in men's stockings? Or do you just forgo? I am such a nut for the stocking that I feel bad forgoing. I have some things, but it will look pretty sad at this point. Actually Andrew needs stocking stuffers too. But that is way easier.

Okay, okay.

7. Shop: go find stocking stuffers. (not done)

8. And, just for the fun of it, watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special one more time. (not done)


Susan said...


As you can probably imagine we are really lame about stockings. But, the years I have done it I've usually focused on food--Eric likes good, dark chocolate, chocolate covered espresso beans, stuff like that. He would never, ever buy stuff like that for himself. Could you go to the dollar store and let Andrew pick out stocking stuffers? Then you get quantity without too much quality pressure cause it's cute--right?

Robyn said...

Good idea Q. There is one stocking stuffer we got him last year, this pop-tube. It was like 50 cents and he loves it. His favorite car toy.

Susan said...

Funny . . . I meant that Andrew could pick out Dave's stocking stuffers but I think you heard that Andrew should pick out his own stocking stuffers. I assume that Dave is too old to need car toys?

Ms. Walker said...

I like stockings to be a bunch of little things....I would fill it with little treats -- candy he really likes, expensive little mint canides, a great big piece of his favorite fruit, his favorite pen/pencil, a book of quotes -- or whatever his "thing" is, an ounce or two of some delicious tea he likes, gum, little bag of nuts..
I don't know if any of these things are "him" -- but you get the idea....little treats.