Friday, January 25, 2008

little bed in action


Seeking La Loba said...

such a cutie. And such cute sheets. Is this a new bed? It doesn't look like the crib to me.
How has he taken to the change? Does he climb out in the morning now?

Robyn said...

yeah. this is his new little bed. We ended up getting him a toddler bed off of Craig's list. His crib mattress fits the toddler bed frame, so it doesn't seem too different to him. And no, he doesn't climb out in the morning. He still calls for us. He has just figured out that he can cause trouble during naptime. For for the first few days, on afternoons when he couldn't nap, he would sit in the bed and wait for me....he'd be reading books and stuff, but it took him a while to realize he was in a room of toys with nothing holding him back. He figured it out yesterday. I heard suspicious noises and when I went in he was under his bed with his Thomas train. What a goof ball.