Wednesday, January 30, 2008



Today I am working on the little quilt that will go on his bed. I made him a quilt last summer that had little fire trucks and fire fighters and a fire station on it, but I decided I didn't want it on his bed. I was afraid of the wear and tear on that one. It's going to stay on the wall. Nice and safe.

So, the quilt for his bed is going to be very simple. Just chunks of fabric sewn together. No applique or embroidery or anything. I am using the same fabric that I used for his sheets and pieces that I had left from his wall quilt. Hopefully it will all tie together when all is said and done.

I love this green spotty fabric. I should have just bought as much as they had because I love it so much and could always find something more to do with it. I only had a small scrap of it left for the bed quilt. But, way back when, I made him a crib sheet out of this fabric. And after the Great Plum Incident of 2007 (when I found Andrew in his crib one morning with obscene amounts of um, yuck, everywhere. All Andrew could do was shake his head, raise his eyebrows and say "poop" in an informative, matter-of-fact way) the sheet has never been the same. I cut apart the sheet, found clean and unmarked areas and cut out chunks to use in his bed quilt. It felt very Little House on the Prairie to take apart something I didn't really want to use anymore and find a new use for it.

Tomorrow I'll finish this up and hopefully post pics of the room mostly completed.

All that will be left is the sham.

on a side note...Andrew is watching an Aquaman cartoon as I write this. Aquaman is a superhero that helps out in the oceans. He telepathically communicates with fish and rides around on a giant sea horse. I remember when I first saw real sea horses I was so disappointed that they were so small. I wanted to ride one.

oh well.


Susan said...

You're right, Robyn. I love this.

How does it work to make your own sheets? Did you have to go to one of your snazzy NYC fabric stores to get extra wide fabric? Or, maybe a crib mattress is small enough that you can use the regular width fabric . . .

I really want to make us some household linens: napkins, pillowcases and tablecloths. But I don't know how to do a tablecloth without a seam down the middle.

Robyn said...

Really? I was totally kidding!

The crib mattress is small enough for reg width fabric. I don't think I'll make sheets once he's sleeping in a twin...unless I find awesome wide fabric...

Most fabric Joann's...have a section of very wide fabric for curtains and slip covers and table cloths. I have even seen a plastic covered red and white gingham fabric on a giant bolt for your picnic table. But another option is to choose two fabrics and use the second one as a border around the first. That way the seem is not in the middle and may even not be on the table top at all. But I think wider fabric is a better bet.

Seeking La Loba said...

Yeah Aquaman! I can hear his deep, resonant voice now. And feel his telepathic communications with the creatures of the underworld.

Robyn said...

wow, Kirsten, are you part sea creature? Is that how you hear his telepathic communications?

I thought you were part alien!

Susan said...

I love the border idea. I can't afford to buy the tablecloths I like, but most of them have borders . . . Can't wait to hit up the sale bin at
G Street again!

Ms. Walker said...

Robyn, I love how crafty you are and look forward to seeing more of your sewing. I don't sew and wouldn't even know where to begin, but I sure love to see your stuff!

Firefly said...

They say quilts are all about the stories they tell. Now Andrew will always be able to cherish the fond memory of the Great Plum Incident of 2007.