Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Dave and I have had the same battle since we married. It probably started even before we wed. We debate, sometimes in raised voices, about the need and benefit of having shams on the bed.

Dave is a practical guy. He seeps practicality. And effiency. And function. And shams, well, in his perspective are merely decorative. I use my sham every night behind my pillow when I read before I go to bed. But, he does his reading on his tummy. He sees the sham as an obstacle he needs to toss aside every night before going to bed. One more thing to do before bedtime. He thinks that 'sham' is the perfect name for decorative pillows.

Andrew is about to be transitioned into a little bed. The wonderfully simple days of baby cage are drawing to a close. But, think of the sewing and decorating opportunities! I have figured out what kind of fabric I want to use for his bedspread/comforter. Fabric that will align well with the fire truck theme we got going on in there, but not be too Pottery Barn Kids.

Then last night, in a sudden burst of inspiration, I realized: he will need a sham. It only makes sense.

So, I say to Dave: "You are not going to like this. But I was doing some thinking and I think that when Andrew is in a big boy bed, he will need a sham."

oh, the reaction.

Complete and total denial.

I tried to use logic.
"Making a bed with a sham is easier than making a bed without one. Without a sham he will need to learn to tuck his bedspread under a pillow and then fold it up and over the pillow to cover it! With the sham, he just pulls up the bedspread, and tosses his pillows at the top of the bed. Simple and easy."

This didn't work.

I tried peer pressure.
"Ashton has a sham."


Finally Dave says, "Look. Before we had kids, we got tested and found out that you were positive for sham. And we have been dealing with it well so far. But I don't think Andrew is positive for sham. He's been fine without one and I'm not sure it's the right thing to do to introduce one to him now."

So, the question is, how do you fight logic that isn't really logical?

I laughed and thought: I'll probably make one anyway.
We are a funny match. Agreed?

So, most of you were right! As you can see we have a fabulous new desk, homemade desk accessories, and a funky display wall. While putting together the photo matte covered in fabric, a bottle of glue exploded in my face. Luckily sound travels faster than glue and my eyes were squeezed shut. But I need to go wash the glue from my hair. I honestly wish you were here to see it. It was funny, but not as funny when no one else is laughing.


Tara said...

Time to take the home office off your blog's To Do List. I couldn't stop laughing about Dave's comment about you testing positive for sham. You're not going to like this, but I say, "Sham Schlam." Pull the covers up over your pillows (without the special tuck) and be done with it. I rarely even get that far. I guess it could look nice, but I kind of doubt I'll ever test positive for sham. To help you with your case, maybe tell Dave that you think you should keep another spare pillow around, and why not make it look cute on Andrew's bed when there aren't any guests around to use it?

Melissa said...

First of all, your apartment is so beautifully clean! Are you sure you have a toddler living with you?

I guess I don't test positive for sham, either. What is a sham?

Seeking La Loba said...

Lovely! It looks so airy and open. And I love the fabric. :)

It's funny to hear you talk about shams. I have them, because, well, I don't know. But I hate them. Most of the time they are on the floor. And the days I don't make our bed (oh yes, I'm admitting to my sloppy habits), they never leave the floor.
But they do make the bed look nicer on the occasions when I do make the bed. (You know, when people are coming over.) ;)

Susan said...

I could go on and on about all the things I love about your new home office but my favorite thing is that you look like you've blocked off the entry to the living room with the table? Am I right? (Your photography is beautiful but not as illustrative as I'd like sometimes) I love that. Your place had a bit of a bowling-alley feel to it (a very cute bowling alley, mind you). What the heck are you doing with all the extra space in the dining room? Is that a new cabinet in the old desk spot? What did you do with the old desk (I loved that desk--call me crazy)?

Robyn said...

It partially blocks the entryway to the living room. Which means I face the windows, which I love. And you still might feel like you are in a bowling ally in here. Not sure. There is a new cabinet that is home to all of the odds and ends (crafting stuff) that was in the drawers of the old desk. I got that cabinet at an 'antique' store in Vermont for $50. The desk we got used from Craig's list. The old desk is sitting in the kitchen while we figure out what to do with it. It needs a photo shoot and to go up on Craig's list. But seriously, Susan. There was cute to be done and all that practical stuff can just wait. ;)

thedanceofthegates said...

While I think I might have one, I also do not know what a sham is.

Robyn said...

Guys! decorative pillows! They are usually the same size as the reg pillow, but have a special pillow case that matches or coordinates with the bed spread. I should have put a link to the wikipedia page on shams. ;)

Robyn said...

ok, I just checked and there isn't really one. Maybe my mom (always my 'anonymous' commenter) will explain the sham to my friends that test negative for sham.

Firefly said...

I second Susan's comments and would like to request pictures that are less beautiful (much as I love beautiful), and more indicative--how does this new setup work? Please take a picture of the desk in the kitchen, too. How did you tuck a desk into your kitchen? I am completely confused...

In any case, it looks great!

I love shams! I don't think I have ever truly made my bed unless company was coming over, my sheets needed washing, or they were too tangled to crawl back into bed without a start-over. So, I totally rely on duvets and shams to keep a half-way respectable look going the rest of the time. Plus, I am a wild sleeper--many pillows end up on the floor, so I need to have extras available. Viva la sham!

I say that you tell Dave that sham is passed down maternally and, regretfully, has no known cure. I can confirm that I contracted sham through my mother, just as you apparently did, Robyn, and so . . . Andrew is a goner.

Anonymous said...

You make a Mother proud; the use of shams indicates an orderly mind. It takes me several minutes to take the useless shams and decorative pillows off the bed at night and back on in the AM-the male is this house thinks the whole thing is ridiculous! Evidence now shows that OCD people, i.e. sham users, have a lower incidence of Dementia as they age! (They are too busy making lists!)(and arranging their shams)

Lorie said...

All of this debate over pillow shams is very funny. I am however, in favor of the sham. Extra pillow options on a bed are always a good thing. Both Ashton and Katie have them as well as body pillows (try explaining that need to Dave). They love their beds with all the soft cozy pillows. By the way; what's wrong with Pottery Barn Kids (other than the price)?

Robyn said...

YAY!!!! Lorie commented!!!

Glad your from the sham, Lorie. I was wondering if Chuck fit into the 'testing positive for sham being passed through the maternal line" bit.

I love Ashton's body pillow.

I guess I don't want Andrew's room to look too matchy-matchy. And I think of Pottery Barn Kids as being very expensive and very matchy-matchy. Is Ashton's stuff Pottery Barn Kids? Because his stuff is great.