Friday, February 1, 2008


of scrapbooking

(Chuck, feel free to skip this one;))

Today, while peace and quiet took hold of our home as our smallest one of yet slept, I made some scrapbook pages. I like both of them for different reasons.

This one below, "Climb and Play" I made first. I was looking through magazines, found something I liked, and took some ideas from it while I made this page. As I was making it I was thinking about the story behind these pictures. These are pics of Andrew taking all of the cushions off of the couch to build forts and tunnels and find boing-ier places to jump. But there is more to the story. As I was placing paper just so and trimming things here and there I was thinking about his ability to fill time and be creative and entertain himself. And how I feel continually torn about that. So once I got things glued down I started writing. And I feel like the writing of this page is good and important and will be meaningful down the road. I write about working from home and "giving" him lots of time for "independent play" and how he is so good at how he spends his time. Even at 2. I like how putting this together got some thoughts going and encouraged some writing.

I don't like the letters I chose for the title. I think it makes the whole thing look cheesy. So aesthetically it's not so great.

But I like this farm page so much more. It came together quickly and I got that "ooooh! This is looking good!!!" vibe. The pictures are great. The layout is fun. The colors work. But. There isn't really a story. We picked apples with Erin. I couldn't think of anything more than that. I couldn't remember if anything especially memorable happened. It was just a perfect, beautiful day in an apple orchard. The end. There will probably be a page like this in the scrapbooks representing every year.

So, not much going on for story, or psychological analysis, but it sure looks good.



Tara Whalen said...

I love the On the Farm one too! Great colors, great pictures. Not every layout it going to have a narrative that goes with it. Don't worry too much.

And I like the spare paper pieces all over the other one. I think it looks good.

You are too critical =)

Robyn said...

agreed. I am!

thedanceofthegates said...

There is a narrative behind the apple picking:

Robyn said...

Thanks Anne,

You're right. What a serious student you are of the 3Peas! ;) I think I will add a little more of that story today.

erin said...

I loved that day! On the day of the orchard we also went to a park and Andrew played with another little boy peeking through the banisters of the gazebo and yelling "ahhh!" at each other. I love seeing little kids socialize.