Wednesday, February 27, 2008

hello, my pretties.

Aren't they so pretty?

A friend called me from California to chat while I was finishing up these pretties. I told her I wish she could come over and have a cookie. She said that she too wished she could come over for a cookie. I told her how cute they were and how nicely they came out. Then she thought it was a little mean for me to go into such detail about my cookies when she obviously could not come over for one.

"oh, you're right. sorry." I said with a mouth full of cookie.

I don't think it made her feel better to hear me eating them either.
It turns out at times I make a better baker than friend!


Loralee said...

Those look absolutely delicious. Not your ordinary chocolate chip cookie?

Robyn said...

of course not! ;) These have sliced almonds and almonds extract. And it is one of those old fashioned recipes with cream of tartar instead of baking powder and some veg oil in there too. So cute. So yummy. ;)

Seeking La Loba said...

Post the recipe for us!

Firefly said...

In general, I'm immune to sugary foods. Probably because I eat soo many carbs as a vegan on a regular basis, just the thought of the hypoglycemic index of most sweet treats gives me a headache.

But there is something about these cookies pics. I just want to eat one so bad.

And I can't.