Wednesday, February 27, 2008

little fog

The past two days I was in a bit of a fog. I am not sure why. The past couple of days seemed like a morning when you just cannot get going. But it lasted for days. I couldn't figure it out. Am I just pregnant? Or a little sick too? or sad? or bored? And why isn't it more clear?

Well, despite my best effort at bad days, Andrew would have none of it. Usually I make bad days worse by worrying about the affect my bad days have on my kid. But yesterday in particular Andrew took on the full responsibility of the Cheer Up Crew. He was sweet and snuggly (!) and funny. Laughing and smiling, making me laugh and smile. We played an apple game where I would ask for a piece of his apple. And then I would pretend that I didn't know how to eat it. He graciously provided step by step instructions to this, one of life's greatest mysteries.

"Open mouth."
"ok, now eat."

He used a teacher voice and everything.

I think he sort of loved that I was out for the count and sitting on the couch more. Easy access mommy. So maybe my stinker days are his best days. The days I slow down and sit down and watch him put Mr. Potato Head together and eat his apples.

I still hate my stinker days and need to figure out how be more patient with myself during them. But I think I can forgo the guilt angle at least.

And that seems like the bulk of the battle.


Melissa said...

From my experience, I would say you're just pregnant! Those hormones are pretty powerful. I remember when I was into my 8th month, I couldn't believe that I would ever have energy again or not want to cry every day or not wake up with leg cramps every night. And I thought I would be queasy forever. But it all went away- finally. Hang in there.

My fog took over much of last spring and summer, so I CAN'T WAIT to do spring and summer stuff as a semi-normal person!

Miss Vicki said...

NOthing about the fog-however, the picture of Andrew climbing the steps in that costume is priceless! You look especially great! Now, Mr. Potato Head lives forever! (I am harking back to my youth)

Robyn said...

I know, I love how he can barely get around in that thing. Similar to snow suit mobility. I should keep that in mind for next year's costume: best when mobility is challenged...