Thursday, February 7, 2008

so, let me explain.

I blame peer pressure.

and the chance to try something new and fun.

and the fact that it was really easy to do.

See...I made marshmellows.

I was reading the blog of a woman who made marshmellows for Christmas. She dipped hers in chocolate and nuts and I got jealous. I wanted to make marshmellows too. She posted a link for the recipe and after reading it, I was hooked. It would happen. The hardest part was justifying the making of marshmellows. I mean, a bag is like 99cents and no trouble. Not to mention we never really eat marshmellows. I never buy them because Dave won't eat them. He's a vegetarian and marshmellows have gelatin which is made from cow bones. Yum, right? So these babies will be offered to the unsuspecting folks at my card making class tomorrow night. I designed the whole snack arrangement around the marshmellows. There will be a hot chocolate bar with various toppings to add to the hot chocolate, including a little bowl of homemade marshmellows.

But what I really wanted to tell you about is my new awesome socks! These arrived in the mail yesterday and they just might be cuter than the marshmellows.



Holly said...

Wow! Interesting socks! I like the marshmallows!

Wendy said...

I wish I lived in Brooklyn so I could learn how to make your beautiful cards and eat adorable home-made marshmallows.

Miss Vicki said...

The socks are great! Are they a Valentine's gift? By the way-it's marshmallows! Who does that anyway? You set the bar pretty high.

Robyn said...

Thanks guys.

I was wondering why blogger kept underlining the word marshmallows. I thought that it might be a word that didn't exist in their spell check. I didn't even try to change it! oops.

Loralee said...

Those are awesome! How do they taste compared to store bought?