Monday, February 11, 2008

things I love

about Target.

1. I drive there. On a highway. While Andrew pretends to sleep in his seat.

2. There are giant carts with seats for Andrew. The aisles are big enough for the carts to go down. I feel big pushing that giant cart.

3. Since Andrew is sitting in the kid seat in the cart and not the stroller, he is facing me. We talked the whole time. Mostly about all of the numbers.

4. There are numbers everywhere. Andrew though he was in heaven when we walked by all of the check out lines with giant numbers hanging from the ceiling. "8! Mommy! 9! 1!" I mean, the whole gang was there.

5. They were selling a Charlie Brown Valentine's DVD. Although I was excited, Andrew was beside himself.

Urban versions of these chain stores are never quite the same as their suburban friends. I think it is because there are more customers, more turn over and things are often out of stock. I wanted a new mop with a mop head that comes off and can go in the washing machine and a few refills for the mop head. There were lots of mops and lots of refill heads, but none that matched each other. I also wanted some socks for Andrew. There were lots of socks for infants and lots for little kids. None for toddlers. So this leads me to one more thing I love about our Target in particular:

6. I can usually only find half of the things on my list. Therefore I don't spend as much as I could.

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Tara said...

This card is awesome...especially when you get it in the mail. :-)