Monday, March 31, 2008

weekend review

Dave started with symptoms of the Andrew Yucks Wednesday evening and by the time Saturday rolled around he was all out sick, sick, sick. And, poor Dave, after all of my "Look how well I am holding up!", by Saturday I was done and I wanted to go shopping for things for me even though I don't need anything. I just wanted a little Self-Care and I thought shopping might do it. Instead, we spent the day getting to know our television and couch. Andrew was all better by then and entertained himself with playdough, Mr. Potato Head and writing dissertations on the letter "S" on our computer. He finds the letter 'S' very funny.

Sunday Dave was better. Good enough to get out a little. And our neighborhood was having their annual Two-Weeks-Late St. Patrick's Day Parade. So, we went and watched it. Very Fun.

There must of been 10-12 Pipe and Drums bands go by. Who knew there were so many bagpipes anywhere outside of Ireland? Lots of Irish sweaters and funny socks and little flags. And for some reason, the police didn't mind that people were spilling out of the Irish pub with beers in hand to watch it all go by.

And this was by far my favorite part. The step dancers. Especially the really little step-dancers with their eyes glued to the older step-dancers for dancing cues. It made me want to pin a curly pony tail on Andrew and enroll him in step dancing class.


Susan said...

I just recently learned that those step dancers all wear wigs and I always thought that no way would I ever have a girl do step dancing because I would never want to curl her hair for every show. Dumb, huh?

Robyn said...

I think Margaret would make a great step dancer! She loves to move, that one.