Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today is beautiful. Warm. 76 degrees right now as I type. And why am I not at the park with Dave and Andrew enjoying the onset of Spring? Because I tried walking the two blocks and my body was yelling and screaming at me to stop, go home and lay down. So my body and I are compromising. I stopped, came home and am blogging.

Today was another day of preparation, but a big and heavy day. A grunt and shuffle day. A day when we must have moved every piece of our furniture to make room in our bedroom for a crib, dresser and rocking chair. And of course while moving all the furniture dust bunnies would hop about and need to be swept into submission.

I feel like I might as well have spent the day at the gym for how sore I feel.

But, our place is clean, rearranged and almost ready. I am mostly happy with where everything landed. And some good conversations with Andrew happened. When we took out his pack-and-play to set up in our bedroom we talked about how this was Baby Brother's bed. When Dave assembled the bouncy seat we talked about Baby Brother's chair...which, of course, did not stop him from climbing in it and flipping it over backwards. He seems to understand that Baby Brother has some meaning. Though I wonder what he thinks it means.

And one more thing. Cream puffs are really easy to make. Harder than muffins, easier than bread.

So, you might want to make some.
Because if you do. Then you get to eat them.

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Loralee said...

Those look so yummy! Don't you love being able to make the things you feel like eating?

You sound so prepared and ready for Sprout to come. It's funny how we manage to find the energy to wrap everything up when we need to. Three weeks before I was due, I finalized all my lesson plans for the rest of the year--just in case. The next day, I went into labor. Our bodies just know, somehow.

And spring in New York--wow, 76 degrees! We'll probably see that in another 2 months, so I'll satisfy myself with our upper 40s!