Wednesday, April 9, 2008

more thoughts on things and stuff

I am feeling a little self conscious that all I write about lately is kids and pregnancy. Do you find yourself saying, 'enough already, we want to hear more about politics and crafting and world peace!'? It makes total sense to me that I am consumed with this very present little person, but I am scared of boring/annoying/scaring you off. Just thought I would fess up about those insecurities first thing. Before I begin another post about pregnancy.

So, I feel more responsible this time. More motherly. More into preparing and getting things squared away. After all, I need to take care of Andrew. Last time I would think things like, "we don't need more toilet paper! I'm due in 3 days!" I would only plan food for the next meal, because, well, I might go into labor. For some reason I thought that life would stand still once my water broke and we would no longer need things like food and toilet paper.

This time I am hyper-planning ahead. Planning easy meals for Andrew's caregivers to prepare, making an Andrew care package and a Care Manuel so the folks watching Andrew can find things like towels and our local park. The people we think will be with Andrew already know all of these things...but what if they can't come? What if they are called out of town and I have to call in someone else? I just can't risk someone watching Andrew that doesn't know that Andrew will need a lot of food in the mornings because he wakes up very hungry. I mean, that is not something they will figure out. And Andrew certainly wouldn't tell them.

Ok. He would. Loud and clear.

I am taking a lot of comfort in my hyper planning ahead. And making sure there is food and toilet paper at all times. It makes me feel settled and prepared and responsible and gives me some small sense that I might actually be able to handle two kids.

I am still prone to funny thoughts though. Things that should be obvious strike me in a big way.

The other day I was hanging out with Andrew and he was being particularly cute. And I thought, "oh my goodness! When Sprout comes we get to keep Andrew too!"

and that makes me very, very happy.


Susan said...


I like reading your blog no matter what you talk about but if you've figured out the world peace thing, don't leave the rest of us hanging.

I think you should make sure that all potential Andrew caregivers are devoted readers of your blog, or at least of the past several weeks. Because if I were just some back up babysitter friend I would definitely wonder about a pregnant mom who had scrapbooked instructions for taking care of her kid. But, as everyone noted in your last post, this is good last trimester therapy so its excusable.

Has anyone warned you that Andrew will grow, like, seven or eight inches and gain fifteen pounds while you are in the hospital. Even though Joseph was in the room when Margaret was born I still couldn't believe how HUGE he seemed the first time I picked him up.

Firefly said...

Did the Andrew-care scrapbook happen before or after you realized he would still be around once Sprout was born?

(From the looks of it, maybe you planned to help Andrew make a good impression in his new home--you know, have things all ready for when the stork arrived to drop off a new baby and redeliver Andrew to some other family)

DCD said...

Oh. My. God. What happens if someone fills the tub with 8.5 inches of water? Does the world die screaming?


Lorie said...


Yup, I think that covers it; WOW.

Seeking La Loba said...

I feel like this is a whole new window into the wonders of third trimester hormones. :)

I loved the line, "we get to keep Andrew too." It is funny to think how different it is to prepare for a second child.

Holly said...

You're blog is great, no matter what you talk about. You're writing style makes most any subject fun! I'm certainly a devoted reader!

Miss Vicki said...

I don't recall your brother commenting on your blog before-but I am still laughing. Andrew will survive the caregivers-but just wait till you bring home this little taker of all the attention! It will seem like "all the attention" to Andrew. He will survive and thrive though. I work better w/ lists anyway.However having fed Andrew breakfast on more than one occasion I know how much he eats! "He's a good boy he's only hungry"

Susan said...

Oh, phew. DCD is your brother. Cause otherwise I was going to e-mail you and tell you not to listen to that one!

Firefly said...

I didn't know what to make of dcd either, but once I read miss vicki's comment, I felt like I should have known (I have heard so much about the witty big brother by now, it's a little bit like a celebrity has entered the building).

Melissa said...

I know what you mean about thinking you should write non-mommy posts to stay "interesting". I feel that way sometimes, too, and then I think- what a weird society to live in to influence our thinking in such a way! Moms NEED to be heard and supported and to be assured that their mom/kid stories want to be heard.

I typed out all of Atticus' details, too. Turns out they hardly got used at all- but it was nice to keep them to know what was going on w/ him at the time.

Are people cooking for you after Sprout is born? i wish I could!