Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday I met with a group of designers. We are all working on our own projects and were discussing new developments, obstacles, and recent accomplishments. We all seemed to have some sort of flaw in our design that we didn't have any control over and were trying our best to work around.

OK. So they weren't really designers in the traditional sense. They were moms. And wives. And professional singers and English professors and women designing their lives. Deciding on what their families should look like and where their families should live and what they themselves wanted to do. Considering changes. Making changes. Tinkering with their lives, and their family's lives to fix problems and make things better.

It made me wonder if this is the age of design. Early 30's. Settling. And deciding what settling should look like. But I think we have always been tinkering with our lives. And we always will. My grandmother still tinkers with her life in her retirement community. And Andrew is certainly tinkering with his life to see what he can do and can't do and what all he can get away with.

And this desire to design is so interesting to me. The amount of control we have over the number of variables available is remarkable. Overwhelming, even. It's no wonder that my so many in my generation are struggling with navigating it all.

So, tinker on my friends.

The design for today for my family? A trip to our little local zoo. A picnic in the park. Quiet time and, of course, some crafting.

How have you designed today?

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