Thursday, April 24, 2008

a note.

Dear Internal Alarm,

It is so nice that you have been getting me up before 6 to dilly dally around (or worry about upcoming labor, new baby and Andrew's introduction to siblinghood), but if I am exhausted and ready for a nap by 8:57, then I think we need to make some changes. I understand that you might want to prepare me for the odd hours of living with a newborn. But, you see, I am not living with a newborn yet and I would rather just cross that bridge when I get to it. That makes sense, right?

So far today I have been making English Muffins. Like croissants, there seems to be a lot of futzing with the dough and then letting it rise, more futzing, more rising, etc. So the early hours have been good for that kind of futzing. But, I was hoping to do a little cleaning today and I seem to be stuck in this chair at the computer. And, I blame you, Internal Alarm, for going off too early again this morning.

In the future, please be considerate of my need for rest and sleep and allow me until, say, 7? 7:30? before going off.

Thank you,
Early Morning Baker


Loralee said...

Those look amazing! So much better than how mine turned out... what recipe did you use?

Robyn said...

Where are yours? Are you going to post them? Or do you mean from before?

The recipe was a little labor intensive. I don't usually make bread by starting with a sponge. This one had you make a starter the night before and a sponge at 5:45 in the morning (ok, so they did really say 5:45, but...well....) and then mix those two together with other things for the dough, etc.

Here is the website:

They taste really good. Just like English Muffins! But I made most of them a little too small and about 8 jumbo. So I need to fiddle with the size part. I am going to ask my mom for a biscuit cutter in my stocking this year at Christmas.

Mom, can I have a biscuit cutter in my stocking this year?

In fact bring the King Arthur catalog. We need to talk. ;)

Loralee, where did you find your recipe?

Susan said...

I made some, too, Robyn. But then we left for the whole day. I'll post tomorrow.

Loralee said...

I'll have to try those... with the exception of my sandwich bread, most of my breads use a starter... I love the flavors and texture you get from it. Anyway, my recipe came from They were tasty, but I'd like to try out the one you made.

Mine were also a little smaller than I wanted, but the biggest problem I had was the heat was too high.

I went to King Arthur on Tuesday--I love that place! (As did Timothy!)

Melissa said...

They say, "9 months in, 9 months out". Well, I can't believe I've already had "MAYBE I could have another baby" thoughts. When I read your posts about the sheer exhaustion you are feeling, I am reminded of why I don't want to be pregnant again- at least not for quite a while!

My experience is that this is the worst of it. YOu will have some exhaustion when the baby arrives, but nothing like this pregnant and chasing around a toddler exhaustion. That was my experience the 2nd time around, anyway!

Melissa said...

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Melissa said...


Holly said...

Great post!