Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Isaac,

My adorable son,

I think there is something that you should know. About your brother. You see, if it were not for Andrew things would be much, much different around here. Especially between you and me.

It's because of Andrew that I am not scared of you. That I do not fill with anxiety at your every cry. It's because of Andrew that I swaddle you up for sleeping. It's because of Andrew that I understand what your cries mean (at least most of the time). Andrew taught us what babies like. Andrew showed us that he, and therefore the rest of us, were much, much happier when his day was a little organized. Therefore, it's because of Andrew that we are settling into a nice little routine with you so early. Andrew showed us how he likes to fall asleep and you seem to like the same kinds of things.

So any sense of peace of you have right now, any kind of feeling that you are in good hands, is at least in part because of Andrew. He's paved the way for you, kid. At least in some respects. And I'm sure you'll find that pre-paved way challenging at times, but I wanted to point out that right now, it's working out really well for you.

And for me for that matter.

I'm not sure how aware you are that you have a big brother. But your big brother has had a pretty big influence on your little life so far.

And, well, I just thought you should know.

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Miss Vicki said...

What a wonderful gift Andrew gave his brother. This is one of the best pieces you have ever wtitten.