Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear Andrew,

My adorable son,

I think there is something you should know. About your brother. You see, if it were not for Isaac things would be much, much different around here. Especially between you and me.

It's because of Isaac that I have slowed down, settled down and have become a more available mommy. It's because of Isaac that we hang out on the couch several times a day talking about your magnetic letters and playing 'Mommy's Legs are a Bridge" while Isaac eats. It's because of Isaac that I see you as such a big, responsible boy right now. And not so much a baby anymore. It's because of Isaac that you have become such a helper. Isaac has also pointed out to me how important it is to have a little time alone with you everyday. It's because of Isaac that I am more aware, more in-the-moment, and more tuned in to you.

So this connection that we have right now, this feeling of being in cahoots, is at least in part, because of Isaac. He's changed our lives a lot. And I know that you find those changes challenging, but I want to point out, that at times, it works out pretty well for you.

And for me for that matter.

I'm not really sure what you think of your little brother. But your little brother has had some good impact on your little life so far.

And, well, I just thought you should know.


Melissa said...

How I wish I could write a similar letter to Atticus and have him understand it...what a beautiful way to express the ideas that you've expressed!

Loralee said...

I like the direction you took with your letters--sometimes we need a little reminder to look at the good side of things.

thedanceofthegates said...