Friday, May 30, 2008

making a new normal

Today is Day 4. Day 4 of the 3 of us figuring out what our days will look like. 1 adult. 2 kids. Which means of course: I'm outnumbered.

And, I'm shocked, happy and relieved to report: so far so good.

I pictured more crying and more chaos. I imagined feeling overwhelmed most of the time. And. I don't. There is some crying. There is occasional chaos. But both have been short lived and manageable.

Andrew has figured out things to do while I am feeding Isaac. He brings toys or books onto the couch, sits next to me and we chat. Or he runs around the coffee table pretending my legs are a drawbridge that he controls with a mere "open, please!" and "close, please!" While I am changing Isaac's diaper Andrew brings toys and plays on our bed. When I am putting Isaac down for a nap, Andrew will either play with those toys on the bed or hang out in the living room playing. Andrew has been very near. Still independent. Still entertaining himself, but much closer than he was before. Which, honestly, I really like.

There are still some things I need to figure out. Like how to manage both kids at the playground. Or really, how to manage both kids in places other than our home when the larger kid is not strapped into his stroller. And, hopefully, that will come.

So, today, has been oh so normal. Andrew and I made banana muffins this morning. I am on the 4th load of laundry. I can answer the phone when it rings (most of the time).

And Isaac celebrated our banana morning with his Andy Warhol shirt.

So this new normal is pretty good.
And I am so relieved.


Melissa said...

It takes a while to get used to going out w/ 2 kids. Give yourself time- you'll get there. Sounds like you are doing well! I also remember hardly ever answering the phone in the early Enzo days. I hardly answer the phone now, for that matter!

Holly said...

Hey Robyn-
Just taking time to catch up on your blog-I haven't written, or for that matter read any blogs in over a week-I'm so busy...then again, I don't need to tell you about being busy!!
Your blog is so refreshing! Your letters to the boys are brilliant!
I love this blog!
Great job on everything you do...of course! *wink

Robyn said...

Thanks Holly!! I've missed you!