Sunday, May 11, 2008

good decision

So, towards the end of the pregnancy and definitely during labor I worried about this have another baby. I worried about our lives being turned upside-down and Andrew's reaction and how I would be able to handle all of it. During labor I kept thinking, "again?!? I am doing this to myself again?!?" And now I keep thinking, "what a fantastic decision." This kid is just so cute and sweet and I am bonkers for him.

Andrew enjoys Isaac himself. But is really struggling with the transition. He is also been battling a fever and has been feeling very out of sorts. When Isaac is around he 'tickles' him and shows us his little ears and hands and nose. But when he and Dave were alone, Dave asked him if he was feeling tired. Andrew said, "No. Sad. Baby brother." Poor guy. But we are so glad that he is able to talk about it, even if just a little bit.

I'm sure the two of them will be in cahoots with their rebel-rousing way before I'm ready. You just wait, Andrew.


Susan said...

Robyn I cannot believe you are blogging and calling friends so soon after giving birth but as long as it isn't hampering recovery--keep it up! What a sweet little boy you have. I think Isaac looks more like you than Andrew does (although I thought that when Andrew was a baby, too).

Firefly said...

Andrew! Poor little guy. It's so touching that he was able to express his feelings to Dave that way.

It's amazing how grow up Andrew looks with Isaac in his arms.

Eric said...

What cuties. I want to come over and cuddle Isaac. He's looking so much more cuddly out of the hospital.

And poor Andrew. It's a tough adjustment for every oldest child. I'm famous for asking my parents when we were returning my younger brother to the hospital. But I'm really glad we kept him. :)

Holly said...

Robyn-what wonderful pictures. Congratulations to your whole family! Isaac is absolutely beautiful. Your blogs remind me of my first day with Aiden and how it felt to welcome him into the World-it makes me want another baby! Tell Vicki that I said hello! And Happy Mothers Day!