Monday, May 5, 2008

Good morning!

I have been up since 4. This happened Saturday morning too. But Dave does not work on Saturdays so a 3 hour afternoon nap was not only possible, but encouraged. Not sure how I will manage today except that I will not feel any guilt at all at the amount of TV and movies Andrew and I watch this afternoon. Sorry, guilt. No room for you today.

I woke up hungry. And thirsty. And tired. And I lay there for an hour or so hoping to drift back off. But once the sun started peaking around the curtains, I got up to keep it company. If only I woke up from labor pains. But, nope. No sign of that yet.

We can't seem to figure out how to coax this baby out. The day I went into labor with Andrew I had spent several hours at Coney Island eating hotdogs, drinking lemonade and getting sunburned. I think Andrew got excited at the prospect of a life involving the beach and carnival rides. We had convinced him. It would be worth his while to start the journey.

Either that or he was panicking from dehydration and needed to get out to give us a talking to.

Anyway, yesterday we thought we would try again. Surely Sprout would see the appeal. The ocean air, sandy feet, and eating soft serve ice cream. Maybe he would even get jealous watching Big Brother on the rides. I did have a few contractions on the boardwalk. He did wake up a little and consider his options. But, then, snuggled back in. Belly is home. Nice try, Mom.

This morning I am feeling hopeful. I feel hopeful that I will one day give birth to this little guy. I am feeling hopeful that the hours and days and (gulp) weeks until I do will be lovely and restful.

And I read somewhere that hope does not disappoint us.
I'll let you know if it's true.


Susan said...

If it makes you feel any better there are no recorded cases of a mother who remained pregnant forever. Andrew was late, right? How late was he? Some think that each baby comes faster than the one before. But I have a friend who has had three babies now and they have all come after 42 weeks--and she charts cycles so its not like she just can't count. Hang in there, Robyn! Wish I could come distract you with copious amounts of ice cream.

Ms. Walker said...

oh, I'm so sorry you're being awakened so early. I can tell from your blog that you -- like me -- enjoy the early morning hours bed.

Melissa said...

It's so not fair. You are exhausted and can't sleep and then you give birth, which is the biggest workout ever, but you have to do it after months of not sleeping, and then you have an infant that keeps you up all night. Hang in there!

Melissa said...

P.S. Due dates are dumb.