Friday, May 2, 2008


Today I learned something.

For the past few weeks, ever since I convinced myself that Sprout could come at any minute, I have been maintaining things well around here. I would not let myself get behind in laundry or groceries or let the house get too messy. I keep making sure I had at least enough cash in my wallet for last minute cab fare (just in case). I think I have swept the bathroom, kitchen and dining rooms floors daily for two, maybe three weeks. A friend asked if this was the nesting instincts still at work. No. It's not. It's pride.

When Sprout comes, so do others. Namely, my mom and friends to help with Andrew. And although I know that those people would not care in least if the floors were not swept or they caught us out of milk...I care.

Thursdays have been the day that I clean the apartment. Not the day to day tidying and sweeping...the real deal. And I did not clean yesterday. I went to the Botanical Gardens (again). Also, I did not do any laundry.

I have been thinking that the day I let things slip, will of course, be the day I go into labor. And moms and friends will have to wash diapers, see dusty book shelves, and maybe even have to fold and put away my underwear. The shame.

But this is what I learned. It's not true. It didn't work. I am still quite pregnant. And I am perfectly capable of washing diapers, dusting bookshelves and minding my own underwear.

So, I'll have to try something else.


Loralee said...

I kept hoping our incredibly bumpy road would push me along, but that didn't help either. Actually, it was the day after I had all of my ducks completely in a row for school. Perhaps the relief was my trigger!

Cathy said...

I love these cards. Again, I might "inspire" myself if you don't mind! Of course, my cards being in french, they are never the same!!! Thanks... I'm sure that sprout will come, eventually!

Holly said...

I haven't read your blog in about a week and much to catch up on! Beautiful pictures of the gardens! The baking book your mom recommended sounds really interesting acutally, I'll have to ask her more about that.
Sorry you didn't go into labor by the way! But your official due date isn't until the this week, right?! I remember that feeling though, like everyday seems to drag was like this hurry up and wait feeling! I can't wait to see pictures of Sprout! I'll miss my desk mate while she's away coddling the new baby though!!