Thursday, May 1, 2008

There is nothing like

a morning in the Bronx to really get you going. Today I kidnapped a friend and took her to the heart of the Bronx as a distraction from all this Waiting For Baby. If you are not accustomed to edgy, urban photography, the following images may be a little rough on your senses.

Also, there is nothing like an afternoon of baking.

Today was the Official Soft Pretzel Challenge Day. These were way easier than English Muffins, even easier than bagels. I think I might add this to my list of regulars. Great for picnics! I was hoping for a loopier the shape of the pretzels that street vendors sell, but I could not roll out the dough long enough. So, instead I have short and squat cuties. I made half of them covered in cinnamon sugar because, well, you might not know this about me, but I like sweet things. The other half is salty, which I'll serve with mustard to my pals tonight. We'll see how they fare.


Susan said...

I will try to do the pretzels tomorrow. Honestly, I forgot until 1:30 this afternoon and then we had all these scones still left so I didn't want to bake more right away. Cool, though. I thought pretzels were boiled, too? Obviously I haven't found a recipe, yet.

Robyn said...

Yup. They are boiled then baked. My recipe has you add baking soda, sugar and salt to the boiling water. I think for crust appeal...not really sure. But these guys took my an hour and a half, start to finish, including rising time. So, really not bad at all!

Miss Vicki said...

They look so good, I could scarf up the whold batch. The Bronx has never looked so good. Who knew it was so rural?! YOur pictures are a visual feast!

Mrs Pea said...

Wow - that's the Bronx?