Thursday, May 15, 2008

little steps

The only things I have had to do in the last week are heal and feed Isaac. I have been doing little bits of this and that when my mom and husband allow me, but really everything has been taken care of. I have not even steeped my own tea. Every time I go into the kitchen I cannot find a dirty dish. That room is sparkling. My mom is incredible and I keep telling her she should be a professional doula.

But after a time, a girl needs a little project. A small, 10 minute affair that doesn't really have to do with babies or healing. Something that will be fun to do, and tasty in the end. So yesterday, while my boys slept, I made a coffeecake.

Now, let me be clear here. When I walked into the kitchen to make the cake my mom had gotten out the things I would need. And she washed the dishes afterwards. Nevertheless, I still had that feeling of: "look what I can do!" "I made a coffeecake!" Even though it was quite a supported affair, it still made me feel a little bit like me. And I like that.

And...just because it's fun:
This is a week's worth of Isaac's wipes. Clean and folded.


Mama V said...

Mothering the mother... That's just as it should be. And there's nothing better than it being done by a mom.

In many cultures, women in the postpartum period are constantly surrounded by and cared for by their mothers and women in the community and are not supposed to do anything other than rest and nurse for 40 days or sometimes 100 days. In a few countries in Europe, the government pays for a postpartum doula for up to 2 weeks(which includes cooking, cleaning, and daily massages!).

Ah, to dream...

Tara said...

don't you just love saying, "my boys" now?