Monday, June 9, 2008

a day off

No crafting for me today, folks. I am taking the day to rest and clean and hide out from all 100 degrees of heat that are out to get me today. So far keeping my windows closed and the two air conditioners going is working out fine. The a/c's are in the two bedrooms and are pretty small so I didn't expect it to work out this well, but it is!

I have a good friend that is from California and used to temps over 100. But a summer in New York did her in. She told me she was used to heat that so intense she thought her skin would crack. But what she wasn't used to was feeling like she was walking around in someone's mouth. Other people say it like this: it's not the's feeling like you are in someone's mouth. OK, they don't say it like that...but they should.

So today I am showing you the invite to Andrew's party and the favors I gave to the adults. I kept calling them the 'adult favors' until I realized that that sounded a little too risque. So I started calling them 'grown-up favors'.

Anyway, here's to beating the heat!

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