Monday, June 30, 2008

hot commodity

Since Isaac's birth my status around here has changed. And that is not all bad.

See, in the pre-Isaac era, Andrew would notice me now and again. I was good for things like providing food, putting on a DVD, changing diapers and taking him to the park. Okay, I am exaggerating a bit. We were pretty tight. But the truth was, that to Andrew, the sun rose and set, the day ended and began, his whole world rotated around: Daddy. And why shouldn't it? Daddy is the epicenter of fun. Few would argue with that.

But Isaac has brought a little competition to the table. And the competition is working out really well for me.

Suddenly Andrew sees me as a hot commodity. Hugs are in style. Cuddling is the new wrestling. When the choice is presented between holding Daddy's hand or Mommy's hand, Daddy's hand isn't always the one chosen.

I also see something similar with Isaac. As far as Isaac is concerned he and I are really, the same person. It's hard to tell that he has any feeling about me whatsoever. Or really, any feeling about anyone. I do take the liberty to interpret his smiles and coos as expressions of love and devotion to his hard working, sleep deprived mother. But not only does he direct his smiles and coos to other people at times, he has also been caught smiling at inanimate objects, and even the wall. I've talked to him about reserving such signs of affection for his mother, and on occasion his father, but he still doles them out haphazardly.

Every now and then though, I can tell for certain that he thinks I'm pretty amazing. There have been times that other people have held him and I've walked by. He somehow hears (smells? sees?) me near and he strains his little neck to lock eyes with me and say in his baby way, "There she is! The girl of my dreams!"

So right now, I am in a state of basking. Basking in Andrew's love that is spurred on by the competition of having a baby brother. Basking in Isaac's love that oddly, is most clear when he is with someone else. Basking in my status as Queen SweetPea with my enclave of boys.

I am basking while I can because I am guessing that once Isaac learns that life is more than milk and that Daddy is good for more than diaper changes that there will be another shift around here.

So, I'm taking it in while I can.

Apparently it was a good morning to be 3. Andrew hard at work with his Tinker Toys. Remember those?


Melissa said...

In reference to the Through this door blog entry- "Queen SweetPea"?!

Miss Vicki said...

Love the new look. do I have to change my address to connect to this? Isaac is also very fond on his grandmama. I love the way Andrew squats to play-could any of us do that for long?

Robyn said...

You don't have to change anything yet. This is still in the same 'place' as 3Peas...but that will probably change soon...I'll keep you posted!

Melissa said...

I love the new look of your blog, too! Did you take that picture behind your title? How did you get it up there?

Susan said...

We've finally landed in Minnesota and I'm catching up. Love the new look to the blog! What are you switching to? All the cool blogs I read use Word Press and I'm always so tempted but I haven't ever felt like switching.

Also, Tinker Toys are the absolute best. They keep both of my kids happy for hours even after months of ownership. There will definitely be some more Tinker Toy acquisition during birthday season this year.