Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Andrew's language: a glossary

copter-copter: Helicopter
eat-dogs: hotdogs
tick-tock: clock
peer: computer
circle meat: salami
walking man and red hand: the pedestrian stoplights that have a little white man to show when to cross the street and a red hand to show when not to cross it
tower: anything he's made from blocks or tinker toys
hi chicken little!: my mom is amazing.
bacon in fridge!: no really, she is amazing!
take it out toasty, mommy!: thanks for all that you do, Mom. I really appreciate it.
Do, Do! What's your toys?!?: And Dad is pretty good too.

Ok, so we don't really know what the last four mean. Periodically throughout the day he'll remind us that there is 'bacon in fridge' (which there isn't) and encourage us to 'take it out toasty'. Our nightly bedtime routine now includes Andrew running out of his room and instead of saying "oo night!" like he used to, he now yells "Do! Do! What's your toys?!!?" Then he runs back into his room laughing and then runs out again asking about our toys and calling us Do Do. We have no idea where he heard this or what it means. It started at beach week with his cousins, but they are rational children and don't tend to make things up that don't make sense. Though I wonder if their mother would agree with that.

Anyway, it sure is fun to watch his language unfold. Especially the silly stuff.


Tara said...

LOVE the redesign, Dill! Clever title too! I like how you used one of your own beautiful pictures at the top. The new camera is showing off your photography talent even more! Love, one of your most faithful readers

Robyn said...

aw. shucks, Tara. Thanks!

Firefly said...

Yeah, looks great, Robyn. Good job.

Miss Vicki said...

Perhaps you should put some bacon in the frig=) Love the translations.

Tara Whalen said...

The kids still talk about Andrewisms... Bailey particularly loves oonight!
Bailey speaks rationally, but trying to rationalize with her is another story entirely!!

Loralee said...

It's been a while since I've been connected--love the new design!

Nikki said...

Okay, now I definitely need the recipe for these cinnamon rolls!

Mama V said...

So cute.

Remember when we were talking about the way that our sons confuse pronouns? Yesterday Lucas started calling me "su mama" instead of "mi mama." I blame his father, who uses the formal "usted" he learned instead of the informal "tu" I grew up with. Funny -- but weird!

Robyn said...

oh...Nikki, I am terrible at giving out recipes. It takes me forever to sit down and type it all out...

I guess of the 3 you asked for, I'd be most motivated to give you a scone recipe that seriously kicks...well, you know what it kicks.