Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today we wrapped up the last step of the Purse Contents Replacement Process from the stolen/lost/forgotten purse incident of June 2008. I have a temporary driver's license and a real one in the mail.

'What took so long?' you ask. 'That was over a month ago.'

Well, you're right. It was a long time ago. Part of what took so long was the Rice Procrastination Factor. I drive so little that replacing the license was not high on our list of priorities. But the greater part of why it took so long was proving my identity.

The DMV website has a long list of possible items that would prove that I am who I say I am. Each item on the list has a point value and you need to reach the magic number of 6 to be legit. So gathering the needed documents takes a while.

So after nursing Isaac this morning, I leave Dave with the two boys and hop on the train to get to the DMV. I have 3 hours before Isaac will need to eat again so I really need to scoot. You never know how long all this will take.

The DMV opens at 8:30. I arrive at 8:34 and there are at least 100 people in front of me in line. I am not exaggerating. In fact, the number I get which tells me how far down the list I am is 334. Smart urban DMV that it is though has 27 windows helping customers. So I wait on the bench for my number to be called. I have all of the documents I need in a manila envelope on my lap and my cell phone in my hand ready for Dave to call in a panicked voice that Isaac needs me sooner than expected.

My number is called and I go to the window and hand her my replacement application. She types a few things at the computer as I get out all of my identification.

"Ok. That will be $50."
"Do you need proof of identity?"
"No. You are already in the system. I just need $50."

I pass her my debit card feeling a mix of relief that this was so easy and frustration that all of that hard work was for naught. The website didn't say anything about being "already in the system".

So I leave the DMV at 9:36, get on the train and am home by 10:04. Isaac and Dave meet me at the door with smiles and coos.

So I guess, all things considered, it went pretty well.

Isaac made it through without suddenly needing to eat. I did not have too long a wait at the DMV. And my identity has been intact for much longer that I thought.


un-nerved said...

Oh the dreaded DMV. I bet we'd all have twenty words to say about that.

Melissa said...

I'm so relieved. I was so nervous something was going to come up that would make you have to go back. these are the kind of chores that can be SUCH a pain when you have a baby. I'm glad it went okay.

Tara said...

Yes, be glad you didn't have to go back - that seems to always be the way, even when you have all the documents that they've listed online - there's always the, "Oh, yeah, but you need that too," and then you leave knowing you have to go through that whole mess again! Well, at least all your ID documents can easily be found now! Such a pain in the as I was saying, I hate the DMV too.

Tara Whalen said...

I am so glad that it all went well. I was scared when you said there were so many people in front of you!

Susan said...

This is so unfair. Eric took a whole day off of work yesterday so that we could go in shifts to the DMV and WE BOTH HAVE TO GO BACK! AAARRRGGGHHH!

Eric didn't have the correct, magical ID combination. I have to take a test because I've never had a Minnesota license before and, of course, they didn't give tests at the location I chose.