Thursday, July 24, 2008

everything in it's place

It's not because I've taught Andrew about litter or caring for the earth that he has been picking up trash off of the sidewalks (yikes!) and throwing it in trash cans. It's because nature has blessed him with a touch of OCD. Which, of course, I'm doing my best to nurture. He likes it when things are in their place.

Case in point:
Nemo cup belongs under the sand, not on top of the sand.

And so do Kirsten's legs for that matter.

Now if I can only help him apply his 'everything in it's place' logic with potty training. We'd be golden.


Seeking La Loba said...

He sure picked up and threw that sand with obsessive compulsion! I love how he couldn't bear to stop grabbing it, even to eat.

How was potty training today?

Holly said...'re still potty training too? I wish my little man would miraculously use the potty...every time!
This was a really nice post!

Robyn said...

Potty training today is SO MUCH BETTER. We've had a success and a half and I have hope now where before I had, well, none.

Seeking La Loba said...

I'm so glad my first prediction came true. :) Now here's hoping that my second prediction will be proven wrong. ;)

Robyn said...

umm..... what predictions?

Seeking La Loba said...

You know how you said, "tomorrow will just be bad like today." and I said, "no, tomorrow will be better. Then the next day will be awful."
That prediction. :)