Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Blueberry Sandwich Cookies

Sometimes the word b*lance seems profane. And by that I mean, sometimes I cringe when I hear it. But sometimes, when I feel like I have found a b*lance, I can settle into the word and enjoy my time with it.

This morning I am thinking about a creative balance. On Sunday I mapped out my week. I wrote out what I would do each morning and each afternoon. I had it all planned out. The projects. The baking. The cleaning. I even wrote down what days I need to wash diapers. I have been on a scrapbooking high lately, so I planned lots of time for scrapbooking, including yesterday afternoon.

And yesterday I did all of things I had planned. And mostly enjoyed myself and mostly thought I did pretty good on my assignments. But I wasn't thrilled with my scrapbook page, or my blog posts for the past couple of days. And, really, I like to be thrilled. So last night I was reading articles by other creative types and they both were writing about play. Sometimes they hit a wall and don't like what they are doing and then they just take time to play. The play around with something new not caring about how anything turns out. They just play.

I always care about how it turns out.

So I was thinking about my method. About how I have all of creativity scheduled. And I like that method in part because then I am more likely to do the projects I want to do. But I am wondering if it's too rigid or too scheduled. And then I ended up doing something to cross it off of my list rather than for play.

So today I am thinking through the b*lance between spontaneity and routine. I lean heavily and thrive with routine. But I am wondering if every now and then I should throw routine to the wind and just play.

ug. b*lance.


Melissa said...

SO hard. When you have so many factors- little time to yourself, kids to take care of, whether or not the kids will give you the space you need to create, and tasks, it's so tricky. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of creative inspriration with absolutely none of the practical means to actually do it (Enzo has a poopy diaper. Atticus NEEDS me to pretend to be Cyndi Lauper, and the pile of bills is getting higher and higher). And other times, when I might have a chance to be creative, I'm too burnt out and exhausted to create.

I like to cross off things on my list, too.

Susan said...

Sorry if I've asked you this before but I would love for you to blog (or just e-mail me, if you want) about HOW you go about setting up a routine and, even more important, how you maintain it. I'm wondering if its just your personality and I am, therefore, completely hopeless, or if you just have a better system. I have the opposite problem as you: I feel like my life is all spontaneity because, what else am I going to do with two crazy kids? But we are all suffering from too much spontaneity. I need some help.

Robyn said...

Melissa, PLEASE post a video of you doing a Cyndi Lauper impersonation. PLEASE.

I will send you cookies if you do.

Wow, Q! hmmm....I'll have to think about that one. A post request! I love it!

Oh, Susan, I would also love a video of YOU doing a Cyndi Lauper impersonation. K? cookies for you too! Oh, and I'd also love to see your blog up and running again. If the internet collected dust your blog would need a good scrubbing!

Susan said...

Wait, can I get cookies just for getting my blog going again?

I don't think I even know who Cyndi Lauper is so if Melissa gets you that video, do share :)

debs14 said...

Someone once said to me that 'Life is what happens while you are busy planning things' So please, please let that little bit of spontaneity into your life, routine's important when you have little ones but every now and again, you need to seize the moment! There's always tomorrow to catch up on the ironing ;-)

Miss Vicki said...

Sorry Robyn, you are the product of a list making Mom-but I get such satisfaction of crossing things off my list. I think initially the list making was an effort to give myself permission to have time to be spontaneous. I have never had a spontaneous moment in my life=(
What kind of cookies-white choc. chip, macadamia nut, coconut lime?

Seeking La Loba said...

I agree with your Mom, Robyn. ;) You are fighting a strong genetic pull there.

I find it's almost impossible to think to myself, I want to be more spontaneous, and then actually do it. Instead I have to just be around a spontaneous person and try to go with their flow for a while. Or I try to think of what thought my organized brain is squashing and then "just do it" to show that part of the brain that I can.

un-nerved said...

When do you play, Robyn? I mean, when does play come easily for you? It seems like it's very much in you, integrated into all that you do. Balanced, if you will.

I often get tied up in the list to. My husband (studying psychology) says nearly twice as many women as men have obsessive compulsive disorder. I think we've been given the tougher list to organize, historically.

Shannon said...

What I would love is for you to start a blog of all your recipes. Please, please send me the recipe for these cookies.

BTW, I love lists and crossing things off them.