Friday, August 29, 2008

some thoughts

1. I have been working on a sewing project. While I sew, Andrew likes to wind my tape measure around both of us and declare "you're stuck in the numbers! I stuck in the numbers too!" Sometimes he spells out 'stuck' for emphasis. "T-U-D, stuck!" Let's not tell him that that is not how to spell stuck.

2. Andrew has been a potty training superstar lately (and, finally!). But when we ask him to pull up his underwear by himself, he bends over, tugs at them grunting and then tells us "it's too heavy!"

3. Andrew likes to tell me "great job, Mommy!" when I am sweeping, or making lunch. Nothing like a little encouragement.

4. Even though I offered to puree his food for the rest of his life, it looks like someone small and fussy might be teething anyway. Isaac and I have been up for the night shift for the past several nights. I just can't see how teeth are worth all the pain and suffering babies and mamas endure.

5. I had a long and much more clever list planned for today's post, but it has been absorbed by fatigue. Oh sweet slumber, how I miss thee. I scrapbooked a Sleepy Baby Day as comfort. the risk of receiving phone calls from ACS or emails from my mom about the dangers of toddlers+sewing machines, I'm posting these photos too.

Hey, it's never too early.

*for the record* he cannot reach the foot pedal. he was not actually sewing, just pretending. I was right there the whole time...behind a camera...but right there nonetheless.


Danielle said...

no judgement here!!!
(this from the person who was chatting away on her cell phone when she noticed her child was hunched over drinking water from the dog bowl at the park. oops. won't forget that darn sippy cup again!!!)

Mama V said...

He really looks like he knows what he's doing!

Sweet Isaac pictures... I still can't believe you used to wake up a sleeping baby! :)

un-nerved said...

I love the sound of a sewing machine. So comforting.

debs14 said...

I once worked as support assistant at a primary school and had to help 30 nine year olds make their costumes for a themed day out to a Tudor village. Your son looks a lot more in control of the machine than some of those kids did! How we had no accidents I will never know, I was a nervous wreck by the end of it!