Monday, September 29, 2008

and the birthday prize now goes to...

Aunt Tara!

Birthday month in this family! And today we honor Aunt Tara. Andrew keeps suggesting we make a birthday cake for my sister. Who lives about 2000 miles away. So, if we did... guess who would eat it. Yup. me. (oh. did you guess Andrew? hmmmm...You must not know me well enough yet.)

Tara, have a wonderful, wonderful birthday! I hope there are well behaved second graders, ice cream cakes and a dinner prepared by a staff of professionals.

We end Mommy School each day with drawing. He draws something in his notebook, and I ask him what he drew and write down what he says. This was today's entry. Looks, pretty festive, Tara!


Tara Whalen said...

Thank you, thank you Andrew and Bob! It was a great day with somewhat behaved second graders, ice cream cake and a dinner prepared by professionals! All that you dreamed came true!
Thank you

Mama V said...

Happy Birthday, Robyn's sister!