Sunday, September 14, 2008


was Dave's 30th.

We went his favorite restaurant for lunch.

Stopped at a park so Andrew could ride on this wild bunny.

And had friends over in the evening for cake and ice cream.

This cake was pretty intense. It had snickers bars, a bar of toblerone, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and a few chocolate chips. All very good ideas.

I'm telling ya. This has really been coming in handy lately.


debs14 said...

oh wow, you HAVE to let me know this recipe, it has all my favourite things in it! please, please, please, please, please ....

mlc said...

thanks again for having me over. that cake was indeed intense!

Shannon said...

I just ordered the book from the library to check it out and if its as good as it sounds, I'll order it from Amazon! Yummo!