Monday, September 15, 2008

fun facts

about Chuck:

1. Chuck is my older brother (by 8 years!!!).
2. Chuck still likes getting toys for his birthday (really, can you blame him?)
3. Chuck's favorite superhero is Aquaman and Chuck claims that instead of 'Uncle Chuck', Andrew calls him "Aqua Chuck".
4. Chuck works for the Coast Guard and works and lives in West Virginia, a landlocked state.
5. Chuck has perfected the older brother art of teasing. And teases mercilessly (maybe he'll show off his teasing prowess with a comment on this blog).
6. Chuck takes karate and has his blue (I think?) belt.
7. Chuck was an English major, is a great writer, loves to read (though is hopelessly devoted to a single genre).
8. Chuck hates eggs and jello and any food that classifies as "wiggly".
9. At Halloween Chuck gives out carefully selected comic books along with the candy. He was hoping to be known in the neighborhood as 'the guy that gives out comics' and last year as kids approached his house he'd hear them say things, "oh yeah! I remember this guy!"
10. Today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dude.
I hope it is awesome and all things Chuck.

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