Tuesday, September 16, 2008

you are invited

to a blog-a-venture!

Today the Rice family is boarding an airplane, flying across this great country of ours and landing in the big and beautiful state of California.

What's that? Oh, come on now. We're not so crazy.

We have a good friend in California who has been out to visit us way more than we have been out to visit her. Well, actually, we've never been out to visit her. She lives on a farm just south of Big Sur, which is south of San Fransisco. So we plan to have a few days in San Fransisco, a few days at the farm, and a few days in Big Sur (more or less).

This is the first family vacation that we've taken (that my parents have not paid for!) since we expanded into a family, 3 years ago. So, we are pretty excited and nervous and ready with lots of toys and snacks for the plane.

How does this involve you? Well, my friends, I feel as though I've abandoned you enough this summer with various trips here and there (once without letting you know!) and enough is enough. Plus, I really like blogging, so much so that finding time to do that on vacation seems like a good vacation to me! So, expect photos, stories, stress and fun...all that is travel!

ok. That's it for now!
Be sure to get some rest and we'll see you in California!


Seeking La Loba said...

Oh goodie, I'm so glad I'll get to see pictures!

Her farm is "just south" only in the California sense of the word. It's at least 2 hours from Big Sur, maybe 3 if I remember right.

Firefly said...

Well, technically, speaking, I am nearly due east of the southern border of Big Sur, or even very slightly north of it.

It is about an hour's drive to the southern border but if we could fly we'd be there lickety split. Because you first have to travel south to get to Hwy 46 to go over to the coast, it's a longer trip--45 minutes to get to Cambria and then another 15 to Ragged Point on Highway 1.

But anyway, the 46 West is actually my favorite part. To me, it's Scenic Heaven.

Come here!

Tara said...

That sounds so fun! I've never been to Cali, but would love to someday. Drew is going to love a vacation on a farm! And say hi to that friend for me!

Tara Whalen said...

Oh- does this mean that you can cross something off your to do list?
Congrads and enjoy!

un-nerved said...

I can't wait!!!