Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We hit up the businesses on the street we live on for loot with our friends Lucas and Jesse...and their parents decided to come along too.

Did we meet our goal of a Huge Halloween? We were close enough for me! And I'm sure Andrew loved it.


Robyn said...

You'll have to click on the first pic to enlarge it so you can fully appreciate Andrew's perspective on Halloween.

Firefly said...

When my mom got home from work on Halloween, ready to take off her stamp costume, she told me that some lady at work had told her about a costume she'd seen featured on The Today Show that morning. It was a mommy dressed all in black with a big spider web and a little baby dressed like a spider in the center strapped on to the mom's back.

My mom said, "Isn't that so clever?! The lady said it was the cutest costume she'd ever seen."

Then a second later, she said, "Do you know if that was Robyn the lady saw on TV? She's so clever, she'd could come up with that."

I think it is so cute of my mom to think that if a really clever halloween costume was spotted on national television, there was a fair chance that you'd made it.

Robyn said...

I love your mom! Make sure she knows.

Melissa said...

Is ANdrew already into organizing his candy?! Or was that a mommy influence? Reminds me of me as a kid.

Mama V said...

We were impressed with how focused Andrew and Dave were to make sure they hit every store along the way. You kids at Halloween mean business.