Sunday, October 19, 2008

silver lining

So, this week mostly kicked my butt. But, in an effort to see the silver lining, I thought I would tell you about Andrew's and Isaac's new tricks.

This week Andrew has been having an incredible growth spurt. In many ways. He's been eating a ton. But, he's been learning a ton too.

This week, for the first time, Andrew:
used the big potty.
used the potty for both bodily functions.
pulled up his underwear and pants after using the potty.
began holding a pencil correctly instead of using a fist grip.
wrote number '10' showing he has more control over his pencil.
cleaned up his toys using a 5 minute timer (I would set a timer for 5 minutes, tell him which toys he needed to put away and whatever was not put away in time was put in 'toy time out' for one day. The Tinker Toys had to go to Toy Time Out twice this week. This system worked really well. It meant I didn't need to get frustrated about Andrew cleaning up his toys. And oddly, Andrew loved it).

This week I have loved being Andrew's mom.

This week Isaac:
has been squealing for joy.
has been squeaking.
has been making more cooing noises.
ate cereal and bananas.
grabbed Dave's glasses off of his face repeatedly.

This week I have loved being Isaac's mom.


Cat said...

How proud you must be of Andrew! Jake is also using the big potty and it feels so good not to use the diapers anymore! If we can only get the night ones off now...
Keep up the good work!

Melissa said...

I love weeks like this! It's like all of a sudden everything you've been working for clicks, and everybody gets along well. Let's keep our fingers crossed for lots more weeks like this (especially when winter comes!).