Wednesday, October 29, 2008

With Cookies like these

who needs candy??

This was not my idea. The use-the-gingerbread-cookie-cutter-for-spooky-cookies idea was something I saw in a magazine and had to try. And I'm glad I did. But I am also glad that I am not a perfectionist, because I would have given up quickly into this. The gingerbread figure is not a flattering one and so my Halloween characters look like they struggle with obesity. And my cookie decorating skills are only so-so (really need to look into that cake decorating class on my goal list) which slowed me down a little and didn't give me the Oh-My-Goodness! Call-Martha-Stewart! results I was hoping for.

But, well, they are still pretty awesome and I'm sure we'll manage to eat

Though we might need some help.
Any takers?


Seeking La Loba said...

I think they are super cute. I like the mummy, and I think the Frankenstein looks like a lot of work.

Tara Whalen said...

Are you kidding me? These are so cute!!! I could eat every one of them.

Seeking La Loba said...

But the skeletons are pudgy. ;)

Robyn said...

I hear you know a lot about pudgy, Loba.

Firefly said...

I love the mummies. So cute.

Mama V said...

Lucas and I baked cookies today as well! Yours are hands-down much cuter, even though he tried hard.

So how do they taste?

Robyn said...

very, very sweet. ;)

Miss Vicki said...

Wow!! It almost makes me wish I had kids at home again!! (Not)
Those cookies are awesome!!

Melissa said...

Atticus saw this earlier today. And afterward, I decided we'd make a quick batch of pumpkin cookies to take to a friend's house tomorrow (we're going to get the chicken pox!). When I asked if he wanted to help, he said, "Are we going to make KISS cookies? Or the Ronnettes?" You have raised the cookie-making standard in Atticus' mind. I already get him asking me, "Are we going to make pumpkin cookies like Nonni? With sugar?"