Tuesday, October 28, 2008

today I've enjoyed

1. an unexpected morning walk in the rain.
2. seeing bright red leaves lying on the sidewalk.
3. watching the rain splatter on the windows.
4. hearing gentle rumbles of thunder.
5. drinking apple crumble tea (thanks Marti!)
6. eating hot cereal made of oatmeal, flax seed, 'Rice and Shine' (thanks Marti!), bananas (Thanks Kirsten!) and walnuts.
7. hugging my lovely, squishy baby
8. hearing Andrew comfort Isaac with "shh! shh! shh! It's okay, Isaac!"
9. some good old fashioned domestic productivity.
10. a nice poopy diaper.

Although #10 might seem sarcastic, it's not. Isaac has been holding out on me for a week and half. His system didn't know what to do with the solid foods he's been sampling and it went on strike. I told one of my friends about Isaac's dilemma and she asked me if I had a scale. She wanted me to do a before and after weight. That would be a great stat for the scrapbooks! eh, Isaac?

Ok, no more talk about baby digestion. I promise.


Mama V said...


Funny thing: Jesse was NOT a regular pooper until he began solids a few weeks ago. Now it's daily!

So glad things are moving along again for Isaac (and for worried you).

Eric said...

So what was the Before and the After weight? Inquiring minds want to know :)
Just kidding glad all is well..

Firefly said...

It would have been a great scrapbook stat. Totally!

Melissa said...

Atticus had the same poop issue. Do you give your kids cod liver oil? SO good in so many ways (I'm reading "Optimum Nutrition for Your Child's Mind"- I highlyl recommend it, but one of them is that it keeps them quite regular. The massage helps, too.

Love this post.