Thursday, November 20, 2008

sometimes it just comes together.

I've been wanting to make Andrew some little books to use in Mommy School. But I didn't really know how to do it. Or what to write. Or how to illustrate them. And little by little this idea unfolded.

I decided to start with what I already do. I take pictures. I can tell Andrew a little story through some pictures. Maybe a story about him going down the slide, or eating pizza. Something little and simple. But it didn't happen.

Then, this morning in the shower, I had an idea. I was planning on make a pumpkin pie this morning and photographing the process for my blog, like I usually do. Why not make that into a little book? It's a start at least. I can try it out. See what I think. See what he thinks. A good beginning. And not unlike what I do every day.

So, We/I made a pie. And then I printed my photos on cardstock, printed some very simple text to go with each picture and quickly assembled the pages. Then, I sandwiched each page in between transparency film and sewed around the edges. This way the little book could stand a chance with my cah-razy boys. And that was it. Less than an hour. Little book made.

But the other question is. Does this mean I can cross off "write a book" from my To Do list? ;)


Tara Whalen said...

You could probably get it published! Little ones love these kind of books! GO FOR IT!!!!

Shannon said...

Are you planning on homeschooling? Your a natural.

Firefly said...

Your boys are so cute.

Robyn said...

Shannon, thanks! I don't think so though. I mean, just this year. Which hard school homeschoolers don't count, I don't think. I do find it fascinating, though.

Firefly! The boys are cute?!?! All that talk about the little book and the boys are the cute ones? I guess they are my finest work to date. ;)

un-nerved said...

I'm so glad that Andrew bakes with you! And that he teaches Isaac about baking. ;)

Firefly said...

Sorry! That was insensitive.

I was going along all happy with your book progress and then I saw Andrew's little foot on his knee and it looked so darn cute and I forgot all about the book.

Robyn said...

yeah. I agree. VERY cute foot.

Melissa said...

I just realized I never commented on this. Sometimes I think something is so awesome that I just don't have words.

I have no words, except this makes me want to have better technology and more craft supplies in our house.

If you ever did homeschool for some reason, you could start a business at it. I would pay to learn from you.