Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cakes and Colds

Today the Little Guy went from bad to worse. So we got him checked out and confirmed that Isaac no longer has Mr. Joe Normal Cold, but Mr. Thomas A. Serious Cold, III.

"Getting him checked out" took about 4 hours, if you include the time it takes to get out the door. I started the "getting him checked out" process a little after noon and we were home a little after 4. We battled winter gear, icy sidewalks, traffic, parking, more icy sidewalks, Andrew having an "accident", Andrew having another "accident", waiting room, the check up itself, and getting home. All totally worth it. Especially since we found out that it's only a cold. A nasty cold, but a cold nonetheless.

Road to Recovery, watch out. We're on our way.

This is our Christmas "Birthday" Cake. I have a lot to learn about layered cakes. I tried to hid it's tilt and messy frosting with little snowmen and a big bow. I think the Baby Jesus will like it. Yes?


debs14 said...

Sorry to hear that Isaac's first xmas will be spent feeling poorly, but I guess his big brother is excited enough for the two of them!
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and that those nasty germs don't spread themselves around to the rest of you!

Danielle said...

The cake looks delicious!! Isn't it amazing how long everything takes when it involves bad weather and two chilren? Glad all Isaac has is a monster cold, poor kid...
Merry Christmas!!!

Mama V said...

I'm just now getting a closer look at the cake. What kind is it? Ours was strawberry inside with white frosting! Is that what I'm seeing here too?!