Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday

After a week of baking and wrapping and yule-tiding, our place was a wreck. I said to Dave yesterday, "I haven't cleaned at all this week! Our place looks terrible!" And he says, "Yes, but look at all of the cookies!" So, after trekking to the post office today with 7 boxes and 2 small children (you seriously should have seen us), I came home and cleaned. Which, honestly, feels so good.

Next on the holiday agenda? Andrew is having a few friends over tomorrow for a gingerbread decorating party. Small affair, but should be a good one! We are prepared with candy canes, m&m's and gumdrops. I just have to make the gingerbread!

Have a wonderfully festive weekend.

This was my Christmas present to my brother last year. They are superhero ornaments. A labor of love, let me tell you. But, worth it. I think they look great!


un-nerved said...

Do you make a lot of your presents, Robyn?

Robyn said...

This year I have. I go back and forth about it. Sometimes I feel like I can't quite execute what I want to make for someone and then I feel disappointed...those years I buy gifts. This year though, I found some pretty cool patterns of things to make, so I made a lot of gifts.

un-nerved said...

I like that.

Mama V said...

So neat.

Mandi Crocker said...