Tuesday, December 16, 2008

little dove

About a week ago a friend contacted me about a Christmas project. Her nephew passed away almost a year ago. This Christmas the family is each bringing an ornament to honor him. She asked me to make an ornament for her family to add to the tree and she wanted the ornament to represent peace. We decided on a little dove with the boy's initials. I am so honored and happy and humbled that she asked me to help out with this. Thanks Sarah.

And, big and lazy snowflakes are making their way to earth. Taking their time. Enjoying the moment, it seems. And I love it.


Miss Vicki said...

I had a flashback of the day, time, place I was when I bought that little Christmas decoration.
Oh, the firetruck clock is the cutest EVER!

Robyn said...

The one in Andrew's window? Yeah. That used to sit on my bedside table as a kid so now it's in Andrew's room.