Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Pure, delightful, holiday madness. But, madness none the less.

The holiday baking is well on it's way. I got such a kick out of my holiday mailing last year that I decided to treat myself and do it again!

These are chocolate covered marshmallows and are one part of my baking/packaging/USPS-Here-I-Come bonanza.

More to come. You can count on it.


Shannon said...

Are homemade marshmallows tough to make? I keep saying i"m going to try it but haven't yet!

kate o. said...

i'm always tempted to buy the marshmallows in the williams-sonoma catalog. but then i think it can't be that hard. you've inspired me.

Robyn said...

Not hard at all, guys! I got my recipe here:

probably about 20 minutes of work. And a cool science experiment for the kiddos!

Mama V said...

Yum. I made some marshmallows once, adding peppermint extract to the recipe. Perfect on top of hot cocoa.

I too might just have to try making those again! Thanks for the inspiration, Robyn.

Mandi Crocker said...

Okay, Miss Thaaaaang. Tell me your secret. Because I attempted marshmallows & while they tasted "terrif" they were UBER messy & they didn't look very pretty when I cut them. Waaaah.