Thursday, December 18, 2008

so proud

Yesterday, Dave and Andrew got up earlier than I did. When I got up, Andrew says to me in a very excited voice, "Mommy! You're awake? I'm so proud!!!"


Tara Whalen said...

spritz! So yum!

Firefly said...

So cute. I wonder what he thinks "proud" means. I imagine he must associate that response with times when he has done something that seems to particularly please you.

If so, it's so sweet to know it pleases him so much to be in your wakeful presence.

Mandi Crocker said...

ZNOJ!!!!!! :) :) :)

Robyn said...

Hey Mandi!!!

Let me make a few introductions:

"tara" is Tara Znoj
"tara whalen" is my sister, Tara.
"Firefly" is Marti
"Miss Vicki" is my mom.
I'm trying to think of who else you'd know...oh! "Melissa" is Melissa Moody, the Byington RA.

Everyone, this is Mandi, um, Crocker (as in Betty Crocker, Mandi?). She is a good and funny friend from college. She was my roomie and did impressive things like hold Flapjack Festivals and supply enough costumes for her entire floor to dress up as the Newsies. She now lives in LA and does impressive things like Stand Up comedy and "MandiCakes" her cake baking website.

cool chick, yo.

The creative housewife said...

I know this is a really old post! But I was just reading your blog and saw this one! I had a question, What brand was your cookie spritzer? I have 2 the last 2 christmas's and nether one of them worked. one was a pampered chef one and one was a cheap generic brand! There one of my favorite cookies to make and to enjoy! And I haven't been able to make them since I moved out! my moms was a metal one and really old but it worked GREAT!