Saturday, January 17, 2009

scrapbooking and sleepwalking

1. Scrapbooking

Lately I am really into the story. I want to make sure I record some important things in my scrapbooks...things I don't really have photos of, but stories that I think are important to remember. I wanted to document some of Andrew's sleepwalking behaviors for future reference and possibly for Andrew to use when his kids are wandering the house at night. So, lately I've been thinking Big Picture. Which I like.

2. Sleepwalking

So, I'm guessing that Andrew will sleepwalk (or, like this week, sleeprun)from time to time. I think this is a phase, but I don't think this will be the only time it happens. My guess is that it is something we'll be managing on and off for years. And I'm making that guess based on chatting with other moms of sleepwalkers, or even chatting with sleepwalkers themselves. But, I wanted to ask you, dear readers, about your sleepwalking experiences. Do you know a sleepwalker? How long did it last? Could you tell if it was stress related or not? Do you have tips on managing the sleepwalking (keeping the walker safe, keeping yourself from jumping out of your skin when you roll over in the middle of the night and someone small and sleepy is staring in your face, etc.)?

Thanks in advance!

and the journaling reads:
I love my tea in the mornings. I use loose tea leaves that I order from a specialty tea store online. I make myself a big sweetened pot as soon as I’m out of bed. It’s often what gets me out of bed. But lately my teapot has been sitting sad and lonely on its shelf. See, on the really hard mornings, on the mornings that I feel like a train wreck, I forgo the tea and pull out the big guns: coffee. And I’ve had a lot of coffee lately. ‘Why?’, you ask. Well, our nights have been pretty active around here.

First of all, Isaac has been sick. He’s been waking up a lot, either to have his nose cleaned out, or because he was coughing, or to nurse. There have been many nights that he has been up every hour and a half.

And Andrew, not wanting to miss out on middle of the night action, has been sleepwalking. Sometimes he just gets up and lays down on the couch. Or on the dining room floor. Sometimes we just find him in a new place the next morning. But sometimes he comes into our bedroom, and when I wake up with him standing by the bed, it’s quite startling. And so sometimes I scream. One night this week he was running laps in our apartment in his sleep. He would run into the kitchen, sit on the chair and run back into his room and lay down.

Dave used to sleep walk as a child. His mom reports that he left the house once in his sleep and the neighbors brought him home. And from what we’ve heard, sleep behavior runs in families. And that, to me, means that we’ll probably be dealing with Andrew sleepwalking on and off for years.

Which means I need to stock up on more coffee.


Melissa said...

Have you tried the Monte's blend yet? the best coffee ever: pierce brothers.

Has sleep gotten any beter in your house?

I don't know if homeopathy is something you'd ever want to try, but I know that homeopaths often treat very specific symptoms and would talk to you in detail about Andrew's sleep habits before treating it.

Anonymous said...

i walked in my sleep as a child. it started when i was two years old and taking a nap. my mom came looking for me and couldn't find me. she looked everywhere and was about to call the police when she found me asleep in the closet with the door closed.

i usually didn't leave the house, but often got up and turned on the tv or turned all the lights on in the house. my parents would bring walk me back to bed. i could often tell that something had happened and had vague recollections of the sleep walking the next morning.

i slept walked off and on until college. it often happened when i was stressed or in a new place (ie. the grandparent's house). once i became an adult, i grew out of least as far as i know...

Seeking La Loba said...

I'm so sorry to hear how much you are up in the night. I can SO sympathize now that I'm trying to charm a newborn into sleeping. I hate that feeling of being woken up in the night. And I hate feeling like there's no option but to wake myself up. I'm just glad I don't have to wake up and then chase a toddler for the rest of the day.

debs14 said...

My cousin once woke to find that her husband has sleepwalked downstairs and emptied the entire contents of her kitchen cupboards onto the worktops! In his case it was a stress related thing, but with a child it must be worrying to have to make the home safe and secure for him in case you don't wake up as soon as he starts.
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